Our Services

At Air Con Fit & Fix, we offer a variety of services that will improve your living conditions at home, and make life more comfortable. We are proud of the work we do, with many satisfied customers who have used our services in the past, and have returned for their second installation or have referred their friends and relatives to us. 

Installation – Heating and Cooling Systems

Our technicians have close to 20 years of experience in refrigerated air conditioning installation, so our installations are stress-free and come at incomparable rates. We install a wide range of systems including reverse cycle wall mounted split systems, to multi-split systems, add-on systems and ducted split systems that are capable of both heating and cooling.

Services Heating and Cooling Installation

If you are considering heating-only options, gas ducted heating will be your best choice. We are experts and will help you to choose the right ducted heater for your home, and our duct layout design will discharge the correct amount of heated air from each vent, bringing the entire house to the same comfort level.


Evaporative cooling is a great choice for those interested in low running costs, and want a cool breeze through the home on hot summer days. This system is cooling only, and requires a separate duct layout to be installed with the system. 


All our new installations come with a 6-year workmanship warranty. This means you can be sure that we use quality materials and skilled technicians to carry out the installation. We are proud to be one of the few companies in Melbourne that offers a 6-year workmanship warranty for their installations. 

Repair Service

One of the worst things that can happen is a faulty heater in the middle of a cold winter, or an air conditioner that fails to turn on in the middle of summer. 

Service - heating and cooling - repairs

This is where we can help with our repair services. Our experienced technician will find the fault, and then it is only a matter of how long it takes for the spare parts to arrive. Our spare parts supplier network is very strong, and in many cases the parts are dispatched on the same day. We also carry the most common parts for repairing heaters and evaporative coolers in our work vans. This enables us to carry out the repair on the spot, saving you valuable time and money.

Routine Maintenance Service

services heating and cooling maintenance

At Air Con Fit & Fix, we offer several maintenance packages to suit your requirements and budget. This routine maintenance service will allow you to focus on other things while we look after the heating and cooling systems in your home, factory or office. Contact us today for more information. A no-obligation quote will be provided after a free site visit. 

Cleaning Services

Wall Mounted Split Systems

Cleaning Service - heating and cooling - Wall Mounted units

Over time, mould and dust can build up in your wall-mounted split system air conditioner. If this is left unattended, your system will not run efficiently, which can increase your running costs and may even lead to a major breakdown. We use the “wash bag” method to clean indoor units with a safe chemical and pressure water. This effectively cleans all the vital components of an indoor unit, such as the condenser coil, drain pan and barrel fan. We recommend cleaning your unit in this way at least once every two years. This will improve the efficiency of your system and also its lifetime. In other words, it will reduce running costs and will ensure that you breathe only clean, conditioned air from the system. 

Evaporative Coolers

Cleaning Service - heating and cooling - Evaporative Coolers

Do you know that evaporative coolers on your rooftop need to be cleaned? A few years after installation, evaporative coolers need to be cleaned. The airflow goes through the cooling pads, leaving a layer of dust mixed with water, which settles in the sump and also on the filter pads. This is where we can help with our evaporative cooler cleaning service. Ideally, it is recommended that evaporative coolers have a washout service once every three years. Our washout service will clean all the cooling pads and the sump, getting rid of all the mould and mud that builds up over time.